During summer, it is important to stay cool and an air conditioning unit is the best way to do this. You should not have to be afraid of what your electric bill will be when running the unit. If you are concerned about this, then it is good to know some of the different ways that you can cut down on the bill. This will help you to save money on your energy bill.


A great way to keep costs low is by using ceiling fans in the room you are in. The fans cost about a penny an hour to run and will make a dramatic impact on the temperature of the home. Just be sure that the fan is turning counter clockwise in the summer. If you do not have ceiling fans and you cannot have them installed, then you can use standing fans, which will do the same thing, though they will use a little more energy than a ceiling fan.

Creating shade for your home can help to lower your energy costs. When the sun comes in through the windows, it heats up the home, which can easily be felt when you stand near the window. Inside you can use blinds or sun repelling curtains to help keep this heat out. Outside, you want to have awnings or plants around windows to block the sun as well.

The air flow through the home has a big impact on the energy costs. One way to do this is to keep all interior doors in the home open. With this, you want to make sure the unit is set to auto as this will help to save money. Many people also find it helpful to put in a programmable thermostat so they can have the temperature higher when they are not home and then lowered before they get home.

One of the best ways to save money on your cooling costs is to have your unit serviced every year, especially right before the weather starts getting hot. This will help clean it out and ensure that everything is operating optimally. Keep an eye on the outdoor unit to make sure plants and bugs are not getting on the unit. Changing out the air filter once a month will also help to minimize your costs.

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